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Audio Alchemy Graphics Pack

Everyone needs a website these days, and branding is really important for that website. It tells your visitors a lot about you and your services at the very first glance. 

I'm always really flattered when people chose me to help represent them, and this project was really dear to me, because the client asked for my specific comic-style, which I use on my personal instagram. They're very emotive, and very cute, and she choose them because she wasn't comfortable with using her own photos, which I really understand. 

In addition to the comic characters, she also wanted to work on branding, some logos, and her CV, which she wanted based of my " Apocalypse Resume's" I worked on at the start of COVID. All in all, I was extremely flattered because she's trusting me with her career, and she's doing so because she likes all my fun work!

Initial Branding

AudioAlchemy Brand A.jpg

Website Banners




Audio Alchemy

Audio Alchemy Logo.jpg

Personal Letterhead

DawnLogoAnimals Wix.jpg

Sound Studio

Dawn_Logo_2 copy.jpg


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