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These 3" x 2" Stickers are in production, and I want you to get them as soon as they arrive!


The Autumn Witch is warm and joyous and loves their beverages. Their black cat familiars are never far, and together they strive to bring a good harvest and spooky vibes. Their primary job isnt until the end of October, when the veil between our world and the dead is thinnest. They help bring well-wishes from us to our loved ones, and keep the bad spirits from entering our world.


Look for a male varient out soon!

* I use a small, independent printer in Portland, Oregon, so print time is a little long this time. I will ship them by the END of SEPTEMBER, just in time for October. I am looking into faster printing options, but also hoping to catch up on future seasonal witches so there will be no wait next time. *

Autumn Witch

Expected shipping end of September
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